Why create? Why now?

Hello Readers, and welcome. The first topic I want to discuss is really an introduction to my current goals and plans as it relates to this website and its content, and why I have decided to start this in the first place. Hop on board and lets go for a ride.


For months, I have wanted more. From life, from work, and from myself. It started with always knowing that I could do more, but I didn’t quite know where to start. Luckily, life always finds a time and a place for everything. Starting May 4th, 2018, I have been given a great opportunity to drive positive change in my life. This positive, starts with a negative: I have to find a new job.

No worries, I knew it was coming. Hell, I had been looking at other jobs for months, thinking that Job X sounded cool/interesting/like a good fit, applying for Job X, but never really putting in the effort. And actually, thats not so different from how I have landed any other job I have ever gotten before. In my (short) lifetime, I have come into 7 different jobs without having to really exert myself. I relied on connections, skills uncommon for people of my age, and sheer luck.

Now, suddenly, I am in the trenches. Battling it out with everyone else who also wants the same jobs I am looking at, and I actually have to compete. I have to differentiate myself, show my skills, and earn a seat at the table.

This website will be a collection of stories, experiences, experiments, and tests of my skills. I plan to become a digital leader and a media creator. Over the next 6 weeks I want to create and edit 1 vlog, record 1 podcast, write a song, write one well thought out blog post, create 1 piece of digital media using Adobe InDesign, and use Photoshop/other Image editors to edit and create an album of vivid, evocative images that align with a theme and tell a story. Ultimately throughout these productions I hope to establish a personal brand, with an accompanying mission and of course, a catch phrase.

This will not be easy, but thank you for coming on this journey with me. Now get ready for some soul searching!

Tonight’s beer was Falcon Punch IPA, from Lucky Hare Brewing in Valois, NY just a couple miles from my parent’s house. It is a deliciously juicy IPA that sits around 6% ABV. The Falcon Punch is one of my personal favorites from Lucky Hare and I highly recommend giving them a visit if you are ever in the Finger Lakes region of NY.

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