Daily Beer #1: The Undertaking

A series of daily posts to recap on my thoughts and progress towards my goals. 

pexels-photo-314703.jpegToday, wasn’t just another Monday. I completed the last of my business critical tasks, taking another step forward leaving my old job behind. I also did a wealth of other things; I signed up for Adobe Creative Cloud and Google Analytics training, purchased Microsoft Office, and enrolled in my first continuing education course, with Cornell University in their Digital Marketing Certificate Program.

While I am reducing my involvement in the workplace, I seem to get busier and busier with my own initiatives. It’s so exciting to be focused on learning again, and trying new things. Fair to say, it’s beginning to feel a bit overwhelming but its easy to overcome that feeling by focusing on each task at hand.

At the same time I have already heard back about 3 of my applications and have made it into the first round of interviews. Every day looks more promising for me to find my next opportunity. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

Tonight’s beer was Captain Lawrence Freshchester Pale Ale. A crisp and refreshing beer. Pairs nicely with Hot Wings (Wangz). Enough ABV to get you drunk, light enough to enjoy a couple and be ok. 

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