Daily Beer #2: Taking on First Round Job Interviews

A series of daily posts to recap on my thoughts and progress towards my goals.

pexels-photo-288477.jpegIt’s amazing what hard work will do. In just a short few days, I have made it to 3 first round interviews with 3 different companies. If I said it was easy, I would be lying. It took an army to get to this point. I could go in depth into the number of factors that go into just getting that first phone call but I think its smart to just stick to a few.

1. Leverage Your Network. I have used every resource I have to get here. Friends, family and colleagues have offered their help in getting me the help I need to get the next great opportunity. Whether it’s through an introduction, a corporate referral program, proof reading a cover letter or making suggestions on your resume. Seek out the help you can get from the people you trust to help you.

2. Write and Design a Killer Resume. Not only do you need to list out your qualifications from your past experience, but you also need to lay it out in a coherent way that is appealing and makes sense to the person reading it. If your resume looks like you didn’t put thought into the way you arranged the information, no one will give it a second look. It’s also very important to make sure you pick the right words. Tailor your resume, the experience you highlight and the language you use to fit the industry you are trying to appeal to. Yes this means you might even consider keeping multiple versions. By tailoring the content you show that you understand your audience.

3. Answer the Application Questions the Right Way. Use the power of written language to prove that you are the person for the job. Appeal to your readers humanity and use language that draws them in. Use your words to paint a picture and show them what you mean. Don’t just say it, show them.

4. Apply for the Right Jobs. This should be self explanatory. Make sure to read the entire job description and try to understand each listed responsibility to the best of your knowledge. If you don’t meet the qualifications and you still want to pursue the job, think of alternatives that make you qualified in different unique way that maybe the job poster didn’t think of. It’s also helpful to read and understand what the company does. This not only helps you during your interview, but the recruiter will take notice. Additionally, understanding what the company does, helps you avoid jobs you probably wouldn’t enjoy. For example, I may be fully qualified to be a Product Marketing Associate for a Make-Up or Fashion Company, but I know that I would be unhappy working for one of those types of companies. Don’t apply for something you don’t really want. If you do you aren’t just wasting your time, but the recruiters time as well.

5. Be Persistent and don’t Limit Yourself if you don’t have to. Last week I applied to 16 different jobs I qualified myself into based on responsibilities, the level of experience I have, and the types of work I want to be doing at companies who fit the corporate profile I am going for. I applied in multiple locations, because I can and I am open to moving. Do everything you can to find the best opportunity you can. Keep applying for jobs as they appear on the market, and you will start to see the results of your work.

6. Every Conversation Counts. Later down the line, you might find out that you aren’t a good fit for a position you applied for, your recruiter will too. During your conversations prospect your recruiter to see if there are other opportunities that they think you might be a good fit for. If they don’t no need to panic, thats why you didn’t stop your search at just that job. Additionally, if they say no, ask them why. Think of each interview as practice and soliciting feedback from people who say no will help you to improve your interview chops.

And there we go, 6 factors that will make your job search better and less stressful than before.


Unfortunately, there was no beer tonight, just the finest Westchester County tap water there is to offer. It was cold, crisp, refreshing and most importantly, hydrating.

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