Daily Beer #5: Jessica Jones, Season 2 Review


It’s currently a Friday night, just a few minutes before midnight. I drank a couple beers with a light dinner after a day of submitting job applications and interviews, relaxed, and finished my bottle of Monkey Shoulder, Jessica Jones Style, while finishing the latest season of Marvels latest Netflix release. There won’t be a beer review, sorry.  I hope a review of this current Jessica Jones season works and I hope you all had fun, exciting evenings.


I’ve been meaning to watch this for a couple weeks. I thought the first season was fantastic. A Marvel TV show with good character development, it was one of the most satisfying shows (other than GOT) I had watched in a long time that really just captivated. For people unfamiliar with the show, its about a depressed, alcoholic private investigator with super strength, but its not really a super hero show. And if you aren’t familiar with the show, this is probably where you want to move on to the next thing you want to read.

Now let’s get into the content of season two. Overall, I thought it was another fantastic season, though that fantastic rating comes with a big but for me and let me tell you, this but is THICC. I hated the ending. As a Westchester resident, and a daily commuter to NYC the timeline becomes starts to feel unrealistic, and ruins the fact that this was a “realistic” super hero show. I liked that Jessica Jones was really just a person who didn’t want to be noticed, a gifted P.I. with abilities but as soon as the Killer, with the same skill set as Jessica, started teleporting back to NYC Downtown from Westchester I just started to lose it.

Then the ending built up over, I want to say, 5 episodes and you could see it a mile away. From the content of midseason, I knew where and how it was going to end by just seeing the title of the last episode. Maybe its because I’m a local and I just have too much knowledge about the area per my earlier statement. Nevertheless, compared to last season the plot twists and character development was all a bit too predictable.

Honestly, I am a big fan of this current series and it was fantastically executed. I love the characters and Jessica as a “realistic super” aka just a normal person, with some extra spice in their muscles. but I was majorly let down in the second half of the season after the big plot reveal.

I invite anyone who watched it to share their opinion either here via WordPress or on my Facebook. Honestly I could use someone to discuss it with!

I’ll give this 7.5 Beers out of 10.

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