Daily Beer #7: Finding a Work Space, and Daily Blogging is Hard

Yesterday I wrote about how it’s hard to get out of my apartment. Today I’ll write about my current workplaces and if they work and why or why not. Then I’ll get into another beer breakdown.


Today I went into the office. I went in for a number of reasons; to get out of the house,  get into the city, and see if any of my colleagues were there for some good old fashioned human interaction. Most importantly though, in order to sign my tax return I needed to print out the documents. I guess I really should invest in a printer.

Each day I try to address some of the things I identify here and make progress on them. Obviously I addressed my desire to try to get out of the apartment more and interact with people. It was an easy goal to achieve, and it was successful. However it was only really half successful, because I didn’t do a good job of defining the part where I wanted to interact with people.

I certainly interacted with people; I ordered a sandwich, I said good morning to the office receptionist, saw a couple friendly faces in the office and gave them the old head nod, talked to someone about my taxes over the phone, and I forced myself into half a seat on the train, sitting uncomfortably close to an overweight woman taking up almost the entire row three seats on the train (why couldnt she just move over a couple inches and close her legs, its not that hard). Anyway, these weren’t the kind of interactions I was going for so let me redefine.

I want to have meaningful interactions with people I work with, contribute to office gossip, chat at the coffee station, and enjoy the few weeks I have left working with these people. I want to feel like the office is a place I can go to, to complete my work and go home satisfied with the conversations I had.

Sadly, the office I currently work in has never really offered these things. It’s largely a work from home culture, or our associates are constantly on the road travelling for consulting projects. I’ll add that I really do great work from my desk at home. despite being at home I’ve done a really good job of separating my time and acknowledging that I am not in a relax at home mode, but a work mode. Despite this, I still miss being required to be in a traditional workplace. That being said, I am going to set up meetings with people to have additional reasons to show up at the office and make the most out of my final month.

One other thing I wanted to talk about was the difficulty of blogging, on any regular schedule. I’m never quite sure what to write about until I’m on here doing it. I want to write about some more planned topics, and get into much more detail but for now this seems to work. If there are things that you would like to hear me write about, or opinions you want me to share let me know and I’ll look into incorporating them!

I hope that my next chapter fills these gaps/needs for getting out of my apartment, and interacting with people. I’ll keep you updated. Also, don’t be a stranger. If your company is hiring a marketing professional, let me know! I’ve got loads of experience, I’m enthusiastic, excited, with a passion for bringing great products to customers and most of all, I’m coachable! Potentially a perfect fit for your company (shameless plug).

Tonights Beer was Victory’s Prima Pils. Full Disclosure: I spent more time writing and thinking than I usually do and I had to crack open a second one to do this review, sometimes life requires more than one beer. Second Disclosure: These beers were over pressurized in the can. Meaning that their contents volcanoed out of the can after opening, resulting in a less than optimal drinking experience. Overall this has been a (overflow aside) a delightful beer. It’s light and crisp. The flavor is nice with a moderate amount of spice and a up front hoppy flavor that gives some pine and citrus note. you could say I experience Hoppy-ness while drinking this beer. This beer gets 8.5 out of 10 beers from me. It was enjoyable aside from the mess it made. Quasi, my dog, enjoyed cleaning it up. In fact, he gave it a 10/10. whoever you would rather listen to, me or the dog. This is a pretty good beer.




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