Daily Beer #8: Picking the Right Stock Image

I got wine drunk on Thursday and ended up going to bed early on Friday so I never got around to spending my evening reflecting on here. I actually picked this topic for Thursday but I thought it seemed light hearted enough and worth going back to. Someone told me I picked good images for my posts, so here we are. I drank a beer with lunch, it was one of my usual favorites. I’ll try to return to those moments and give you a run down.


As this picture suggests, there are tons of choices when it comes to stock photos. So how do I pick one when there are so many options to choose from. Each time I write one of these posts, the first thing I do is come up with my topic and then I choose the accompanying stock image right away. In order to narrow down my choices, I pick a single key word that aligns with the post and its content.

In this case, using the word “choices” came up with around 10 photo options. Each time I go through this process I feel like half of the pictures that come up are worthless and unrelated but theres usually one or two photos that I just start to vibe with right away. For this post I could have chosen a series of door ways, desserts,  someone picking from a full bookshelf, or this one; a paint color sample book.

For me, this one was the clear choice. It easliy shows the variety of options, the quanity of choices. With each photo I choose, I try to use the stock image to “paint the color” of what I am writing.

Anyway, that was just a short post that I thought would be fun to write. Feel free to let me know if you think my stock image choices are absolute shit and then I can make my next post about how to block out all the haters. Love you guys!

Beer. Yes, I remember drinking a beer. It was called Allagash White, some of you may have heard of it before. Perhaps, drank some? If you have, there might have been an orange slice in it. You know, like the ones moms bring to soccer games for the half-time breaks. Needless to say, this beer is also like those orange slices. Perfect for revitalizing you from your (dull) adult life so you can add some color and get back in it. Allagash White, is a belgian witte style beer. Much like the more common Blue Moon. Essentially this type of beer comes with a heavy focus on orange and spice flavors. Its JUICY. This shit is like adult orange soda. Its fucking delicious, need I say more? Ok, disclaimer its not orange soda and keep it away from your kids. KEEP IT ALL TO YOURSELF. Also, one other thing; BEER-Mosa, try it for your next brunch. This beer is easily a 9.5/10, I would chug it daily if I could. The only thing holding it back from true greatness is that its so easy to get, I don’t need to savor it. 

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