The Occasional Beer #10: Is this really even daily beer anymore and is drinking beer daily even healthy?

Greetings readers, I hate to say it, but its time for a rebranding. There will now only be occasional beers, daily was a bit much (sorry liver). It was fun, but as you can all see I did not keep it up for long! For now, expect updates whenever, they dont pay me enough to do this every day 😉 For those of you who particuarly enjoy the beer review, I have expanded the content you will see in that portion, I hope you like it.


Welcome to the Occasional Beer! So, life update, I am still funemployed. On a typical day I wake up at like 10 am, where I submit more job applications before I continue to pursue my different creative projects. I have pretty much learned to use Ableton, a DAW. Photoshop, InDesign. I really miss routine, and I am working on changing that.

Sadly I currenly have not had any luck finding a new job, and its looking more and more like I will be fully unemployed on May 4th. I am probably going to start looking for some part time opportunities, and im even considering a complete career change that would require me going back to school, or maybe an MBA but that doesnt really feel like my style anymore.

I am sure everyone relates to being anxious, but for those of who who do not know, the struggle that I have with my anxiety and depression is very real. Ending up in a hospital is the single most sobering thing to have ever happened to me and was a real wake up call. I have to say that I am so incredibly lucky to have a family that is so supportive and helpful, and even luckier that I have a medication I can take that helps me manage it effectively. The downside? I cant take it all the time, and I definitely do not want to end up down a path that results in addiction and withdrawals.

Right now I am scared and incredibly anxious about my future, will I be able to make the changes I need in my spending, and my social life to effectively navigate the change in my financial situation? Will I find something I can be truly happy doing for a job? I really do not want to settle for flipping burgers at mcdonalds even if it is only temporary. I have worked so hard in my life to create a bright future for myself, and my family has supported me to get to this point and the last thing I want to do is feel like it was all for nothing. Its time to make the future even brighter.

Lastly… Check out the new beer review format!

Tonights beer was Pipeworks Brewing’s Lizard King. Pipeworks is a brewery based out of Chicago, IL and they are one of the hottest breweries out there right now and they produce some of my favorite beers. This one is fantastic, I have been drinking it regularly for over a year. It is incredibly flavorful, crushable, and the can art is simply amazing. 

Beer: Lizard King

Style: Mosaic Hopped Pale Ale

ABV: 6.0%

Head: Good, frothy head depending on pour, settles quickly

Color: Pale Gold

Clarity: Light Haze

Body: Smooth, Dry & Crisp

Aroma: Fruity, Light Pine, Strong Mosaic Hop note with some light sweetness 

Flavor: Fruit, Lemon Rind, Crisp Hops (I need to work on my flavor palatte)


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